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Solar Panel System Type

5 KW System

Medium Family
Output (kwh/year) 7,500 to 7,665 Suitable for 1-4 People

6.6 KW System

Large Family
Output (kwh/year) 9,500 to 10,500 Suitable for 1-6 People

10 KW System

Small Busines Output (kwh/year) 14,900 to 15,330 Suitable for 1-10 People


Australian Solar Centre believes in quality that accompanies the cutting edge system design of a solar system with personalized service and having up to date product knowledge as well as in line with the latest regulations. You can compare Australian Solar Centre and different companies today and see why Australian Solar Centre is the best decision for your solar needs. Our vision is simple to shift focus of homes and businesses to a renewable energy solution without compromising on the quality and making a society which gets a good savings on energy bills. We are glad to state we save our esteemed customers money on energy bills. We are happy to create a positive effect on the earth and the environment. Our customers are more joyful and are more power efficient while moving in the direction of a cleaner environment. What we intend to do is furnish our customers with leading cutting-edge technologies in the solar industry to control their future, regardless of whether it’s for residential, retail, or business purposes. For us to achieve this, we guarantee that the level of information of our sales and technical teams are of highest calibre. Such mastery enables us to:

  • Help you select the ideal panel system (Best Tier-1 Panels Range)
  • Conduct maintenance of your system.
  • Make the most out of your investment in solar power.
  • What we see as a progressing object is to open the doors of solar panel installation being a reasonable and cost-effective decision.
  • Making renewable energy viable for everyone.
  • Premium products and CEC accredited installer services to our customers.
  • Ensuring you get the best return for your investment.
  • Helping take a giant leap towards a sustainable future.
  • Providing latest cutting-edge technologies.

Australian Solar Centre Offers the Best Price Guarantee to Customers!

As part of our Customer satisfaction policy, Australian Solar Centre customers can have peace of mind before purchasing a solar system that they will be getting the lowest and most competitive prices available in the market. To show our commitment to giving customers the lowest prices, Australian Solar Centre offers a “Lowest Price Guarantee” to all our customers. Simply provide a lower priced written quote for a comparable stocked item to our friendly solar consultant and we will beat it by 5%! For further clarification on any of the above please send email to info@australiansolarcentre.com.au

Experience and quality engineering, with a client focused approach.

Our team is guaranteed to respond to you within 48 hours

Why you should choose us.

Latest Cutting-edge Solar Technology.

  Australian Owned

We’re local and here to stay. With having long term strategy to remain in the energy market and knowledge of local solar regulations and requirements, we know how to get the job done right.

  Australian Warranty

All products come with a manufacturing warranty and we offer 10 years workmanship & installation warranty.

  Quality Assurance

All our solar panels and Inverters are approved by Clean Energy Council according to Australian standards.

  15 Days Price Beat

We are able to offer the best price in the market by comparing apple to apple. We will always beat a competitor’s quote by 5%!

  Flexible Finance

No Interest Ever payment plan.
You can select a payment option that fits-in with your budget.
We believe in the concept of paying from the savings on your power bill.

  Free Initial Consultation and Free Obligation Quote

We’ll visit your site and provide all the information plus a free quote that includes highly accurate performance estimates

  One Stop Shop

We offer an over the phone or in-house consultation service to begin the process. From here it is a seamless process from paying the deposit to installation and ongoing support.

  Our Quality Brands

All our solar panels and inverters have the best performance in the industry. We have very strict policy to deal with Tier 1 Quality products to meet Australian standards. Our products are bundled with long term warranty and performance guarantee.

  Our Technology and Promise of Quality

Only the Top Tier, highest performing equipment’s are used in our solar systems. We believe in delivering the best of the best quality products and service to our customers. We also believe in only completing the installation once without any complaint in future and that is only possible if right product and the services of CEC accredited installed have been utilised. By adopting this strategy our customers have a peace of mind knowing that the system will have longevity and reliability for many decades to come.
Your system will be made up of quality components, including panels, inverter, racking system, and battery storage to provide you with the best return on your investment.

  Excellent Customer Care

Our team is guaranteed to respond to you within 48 hours. Our Sydney based team will promptly respond to any enquiries you have, so you never have to wait for an answer about your solar system. We have a quick turnaround time, so whether you’re interested in setting up a new solar power system or have questions about your existing one, we’ll get back to you as fast as possible. Rest easy knowing that our team of experts is always ready to help and available to you.
You can count on us. We’re here to answer your questions or concerns – before, during or after your system is installed – and being locally based, you’ll always speak to someone in Sydney.

Solar Panel Explained

A few materials can be made to produce power when light falls on them; this is known as the photovoltaic impact. Solar Panels utilize this to change over energy from daylight into direct flow (DC) electrical energy. An inverter unit at that point changes this into alternating current (AC) for your home’s electrical circuits. Any excess energy can be fed back to the power system, for which you might be paid a concurred feed-in-tariff, or it could be encouraged into a battery storage system, so you can utilize the put away power later (during the evening, for example). 

Solar Panels work best when they’re north-bound, pointed specifically at the sun, at an ideal edge and not hindered by trees or shading. The adequacy of solar panels likewise relies upon where you live and the climate.

Reasons to install Solar Panels

Solar panels are increasingly being installed by home as well as business owners who are worried by rising electricity costs, and who want a system that both cuts their bills and produces greener energy.

  1. Save Thousands of Dollars
  2. Government Rebates between 40% to 50%
  3. Put resources into Your Home / Business (Wise Investment)
  4. Save the Environment
  5. Appreciate Energy Security
  6. Decrease Your Energy Reliance
  7. Lift Australia energy Independence
  8. Create Jobs to help your local economy and Increase worker spirit
  9. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

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