Going Solar made Affordable Like NEVER BEFORE with our

Australian Solar Centre has partnered with Certigy & Brighte for Residential and Energy Lease for Commercial Businesses that are serving Australians for years, to help more of our Countrymen enjoy solar energy with ease, quickly!

Right time to go Solar is NOW! If you’re looking to get a Solar System installed on your rooftop and are concerned about the finances, here is Australian Solar Centre, bringing in Affordability with easy finance option and that too, WITHOUT PAYING INTEREST. You can get your solar system installed now, while paying for it off over time, you’ll be pleased to learn that through our finance partners we are able to help you get your solar panel installation set up with the possibility of no up-front cost.

  • No Interest Ever! Payment Plan Guarantee
  • Convenient automatic direct-debit payments
  • No Interest Ever!
  • Hassle-free process
  • Fast application and approvals

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